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2021-2022 Officer Board

Mishary Alrashed President

Hi Everyone! I'm Mishary and I am excited to be the president for the society of physics students (SPS) for the upcoming year. Other than being the biggest physics and math nerd, I love being outdoors, going hiking, and being near the beach, and play the piano during my free time! I am also a enthusiastic marvel & disney fan and would never turn down the offer to go see a new movie! I’m very excited to meet you all (finally in person), see you very soon!!

Chaitanya Bashyam Vice President of Builds

My name is Chaitanya Bashyam, and I am a second-year Physics major! I am a Vice-President of Builds for Society of Physics Students. I want to pursue physics because I love the idea of modeling our universe mathematically, and I dream of contributing to an amazing scientific discovery! Other than physics, I love dancing, mainly hip hop and bhangra. I also have a deep appreciation for pita bread and bagels.

Rebekah Jin Vice President of Socials

Hi, I’m Rebekah, a second year physics major and the incoming 2021-22 Vice President of Socials. This means I’ll be in charge of forcing people to have fun at my dazzlingly well-planned social events. Aside from physics and math, I’m always happy to chat about painting, Taekwondo, pop music, how much BART sucks, or literally anything.


Anna Kinderman Treasurer

I'm a second-year physics major interested in particle and plasma physics. Science outreach holds a special place in my heart, and I love teaching kids. My hobbies include singing, drawing, and Netflix (aka serious film critique). I will also never run out of fun facts to tell you at random moments, as I was a documentary fanatic as a kid.

Vedang Bhelande Vice President of Builds

Hey there, I'm a second year physics major! My current interests in physics include elementary particle physics. I'm interested in almost everything, so you can find me playing soccer, reading about various ideologies, messing with hardware, or thinking about the next terrible brilliant pun. I enjoy meeting new people so don’t be afraid to hit me up. See you soon!

Christy Ma Social Media Coordinator

Hey yall! I run the SPS social media accounts! My hobbies include reading, painting, and messing with my sister!