Society of Physics Students
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2014-2015 SPS Officers

Szilárd Gyalay President

Szilárd "Sizzle" Gyalay swiftly came to power at the end of the last quarter's yearly battle for club supremacy. Though the public has been told that he clambered hand over fist among foes and won his title with merciless might and cunning wiles, there are rumours that he is a mere puppet, propped up to take the fall for the political schemes of his cabinet.

Kacie Smith Vice President

Kacie Smith rose to her position through overwhelming popular support. She is the people's voice in the highest ranks of government, with a reputation of transparency and steadfast honor. Though many have sought to destabilize her position by discrediting her, Kacie has withstood personal attacks and public suits alike. She unfailingly emerges from each onslaught with a more fervent and devoted following than ever before.

Anna Wang Vice President

Anna Wang's charm and quick wit mask a devious, conniving mind that the old hands know never rests and the new hands soon learn to fear. She associates with all manner of society and has spies in every corner, giving her political endeavours an air of omnipotence. Anna has few foes, for the ranks of her enemies are marked by short careers with high rates of turn over.

Camilla Harris Vice President

Camilla Harris has stood unyielding and steady through the years, serving each new regime as the old one is cast out. She quietly amasses favours and allegiances throughout the realm, safe and waiting for the day she needs must call upon them. One does not enter into her debt lightly, however, for none can be sure of the price she means to exact.