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2017-2018 Officer Board

Raj Chaklashiya President

I'm a 3rd/4th year physics major applying to grad schools this year and excited for a future in materials physics! I'm part of the Ni Research Group, a Condensed Matter Physics lab where I use LabVIEW to measure the resistive and elastoresistive properties of materials we make to find hints of awesome emergent quantum properties! I also enjoy teaching kids about physics for SLTC, Astronomy Live!, and EYU to inspire them to pursue science!
In the breaks between the insanely busy quarters that we have, hobbies and interests include but are not limited to: drawing, writing, politics, satire, science literacy, and figuring out my life plans (scary!)

I hope to one day do a billion things such as writing a science fiction novel metaseries, starting an innovative research company, turning the entire world of physics upside its head (maybe?), and more!

Let me know if you need anything or have any questions, always happy to help! :D

Kunal Sanwalka Vice President of Builds



Wynne Turner Vice President of Builds

I’m a 4th year physics major interested in theoretical astrophysics. In my free time I like going to the gym, watching movies and baking!

Bade Sayki Vice President of Presentations

Hi! I'm a third year Physics human. I work for the Infrared Lab and I took that pic of Kunal.

Krish Kabra Vice President of Games

Krish Kabra is a junior Physics major at UCLA. He is currently working under Prof. Musumeci’s guidance in the PBPL research group on laser shaping and new electron imaging techniques. In his spare time, he loves all things soccer related, watching “educational” YouTube videos, and eating.

Myank Singhal Webmaster

I'm a 2nd year Astrophysics major, trying to know what we dont know about the universe. Can talk about space, physics, technology anytime.

Karen Shure Treasurer

Karen is a first-year astrophysics major from Chicago. She loves cool space facts, bad science jokes, and lots and lots of coffee and chocolate!

Lauren Beebe Social Media Coordinator

Hi, I'm Lauren and I'm the SPS social media coordinator. I'm a first year physics major and am going to declare a minor in math as soon as I can do that. I like 99% of things. Come to meetings, yay!