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2016-2017 Officer Board

Liya Oster President

Liya is a 3rd-year biophysics major. She works in the Virus Research Group studying in vitro viral self-assembly and properties of long RNAs in solution. When not studying or in lab, she likes to draw, run, and bind books. A few of her favourite things include octopuses (and most other animals), hotpot, and coffee.

Raj Chaklashiya Vice President of Builds

Hello, fellow physicists-in-making! I’m a 2nd year taking 3rd year physics classes who can graduate in Spring 2018. I currently work in the Ni Research Group, which is a condensed matter physics research lab where we synthesize various materials and examine them for their superconducting properties! While I’m not busy slaying quantum mechanics problems or debugging Arduino code, I enjoy drawing imaginary characters for a huge sci-fi novel metaseries that I’m planning on eventually writing. Eventually.
Other things I enjoy are science literacy, satire, politics, and programming.


Kunal Sanwalka Vice President of Builds

I'm a physics major in my sophomore year. Currently working in PBPL and I love to give hugs. Hugs are bae. I also like to watch movies over a of couple days.

Cindy Ling Vice President of Builds

Cindy is Cindy.'nuff said.

Hayley Bricker Vice President of Presentations

Hayley is a minty-fresh Geology major, having been an Astrophysics major for two years. She is interested in the study of exoplanets (their atmospheric chemistry and potential geochemistry), biogeochemistry, and paleontology. She currently works in the Clumped Isotopes Laboratory with Professor Aradhna Tripati. When she isn’t organizing several clubs, studying, or doing research, she’s usually running and/or hiking, reading, or writing. Hayley drinks an average of 5 cups of coffee per day.

Chad Bloxham Vice President of Games

Chad is a higly memeable character.

Bade Sayki Treasurer

Well hello hello there! I also happen to be a second year physics major. I tolerate math for physics (that’s real love right there, folks). I basically have zero chill. I like random Powell physics turn-ups *dancing lady emoji* and coffee. I love coffee. I think it’s a form of art. In fact, I work at an on-campus coffee place. I’ve also been knitting (#grandma) and reading memes lately. I provide the food.

Scarlett Yu Webmaster

Scarlett is a 2nd year physics student tempted to double-major in math. She is invovled in Campbell's AMO research group. Scarlett's specialties include bad web design, and abusing Taylor's theorm to linearize every nonlinear equation she can't solve. Outside of academics Scarlett has no lyfe, nor does she have a life in academics. She is non-existent.

Haiying Huang Webmaster

Haiying is Arthur. Arthur is Haiying. Wat???

2016-17 team plus last year's president Szilárd, celebrating Chad's belated birthday

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